Qui sommes-nous

Our factory is specializing in timing belts,raw edge belts and v belts。These years we always developed new products to meet the market demand。

We own the advanced production and inspection equipment,at the same time we have perfect quality assurance system.

Our principle:To put quality and intergrity as our first consideration。

Our management philosophy:Customer satisfaction is the eternal premise of market prosperity and our inexhaustible motive force in the pursuit of excellence.

Our Aim:Not the best but only better solution.

Contact Us

  • 0086-580-8660908/8660666/8660668
  • 0086-580-8660667
  • zswzg@163.com
  • 15#, Xiaoshangan Industry Area, Shuangqiao Town, Zhoushan City,Zhejiang-China
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